I dress like a cartoon character, but now I dress like a COOL cartoon character.


I… bought a leather* jacket.

I am not a Leather Jacket Person. I am a sweaters-and-long-skirts person. I have a cartoon llama on my shoulder bag. Am I qualified to wear this?

While I’m quite used to standing out for being adorable, standing out for This Look is an entirely different experience. Leather jackets are not at all adorable.


Let me tell you a story about two jackets.

We have a decent-sized mall close to my office, and since I hate buying clothes online (ADHD…?** makes me real bad at returning things on time), I popped in there to see what they had.

And I guess it’s leather jacket season, because I had options.

There was the jacket that was leather from the bustline up and denim from the bustline down.

There was the one with loopy fringe all down the arms.

There was the one that was perfect, but it only existed on the mannequin.

And then, right as I was about to give up, there was one with stars.

It was the style I was looking for, it was in my size, and all over its surface, randomly spaced and of varying sizes, were dozens of subtle, embossed stars.

I tried it on, said No way, I can’t do this, and walked away, and came back and tried it on again. Walked away again. No. I will get so many comments and I don’t like attention.

But I do like stars.

I went back and tried it on again.

But wasn’t I just talking about how I’m kind of sick of being cute? Didn’t I just replace my cartoon llama bag because I’d had enough of “Omg I love your bag!” comments***?

But I needed a jacket like… today, and it was pretty great, so maybe if it was my only option…

I continued my search at Nordstrom, at which point my new shoes started to make their flaws known. Right around the heel area.

It’s fine, I thought. It’s just one more store, I thought.

On the second floor of Nordstrom, I found the very jacket I was lookinig for in the first place—soft, black, moto-style, with just the right amount of shiny things and a removeable fabric hood. And no adorable decorations.

And they had every size in stock except mine.

My heels were starting to hint that they were not, in fact, going to be fine, and I was just about ready to take this as an excuse to go get the star one when I was rescued by an employee who reminded me that I could have my size ordered, if it was in stock online.

So I did.

And it arrived this weekend.

And I really, really like it.

(You guys I look so cool.)

*It’s fake. This is a financial decision more than an ethical one. My feelings on leather versus plastic are… complicated, and on top of that, I have Feelings about the whole idea of basing consumer purchasing habits on ethics. I’ll probably post about that eventually, but the chances of me remembering to link it here are not high.

** “…?” is shorthand for “I have like all the symptoms but no diagnosis”

***All of these people were very nice! I also love my bag! When I’m in a sociable mood, I still carry that bag! But when it was my only bag, I had to carry it whether or not I was feeling sociable, and that suuuuucked.