Let’s Talk About Synecdoche (and quit this trans-exclusionary protest sign nonsense)

Let's Talk About Synecdoche by Emily Jeanne. Narration text states, a rhetorical device in which a part stands for the whole, the whole for the part, the special for the general, etc. Three example images follow, indicating the common synecdoche Wheels meaning Car, Grey Beard meaning Old Man, and ABCs meaning The Alphabet. Below that is an image of a feminist protest march with signs such as Viva la Vulva, Build a (uterine) Wall, Pussy Power, and an image of a vulva with Girl Power underneath. To the right of these is the author, frowning deeply, with her arms crossed tight over her chest, leaning on text stating God damn it. Beneath that, the text Trans-exclusionary synecdoche is trans-exclusionary synecdouchery

liner pen on bristol board

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