Blogger Gets New Apartment, New Office


Time to end this unannounced hiatus! March was absolute madness for me. First I got a new job, then I moved to a new apartment, then my friends moved, then I got so wrapped up in decorating my new apartment that I became completely unable to do anything else.

Due to all of this, my last four weeks have been a whirlwind of completely uninteresting activity. I went to IKEA three times in two weeks, put together furniture, took things out of ugly boxes and put them into pretty boxes. I broke down boxes. I looked everywhere for my car registration renewal paperwork, which I swear I put into my filing cabinet, but it seems I put it there in a dream. I ate a lot of frozen taquitos.

I have done… almost nothing, art-wise. Partly, I was busy. Partly, I had nowhere to do it. I have this absurd, inconvenient need for a private work space, and while I can sometimes overcome that and just go to Starbucks or something, I haven’t been doing so well at that lately. Getting constantly interrupted is real bad for creativity, you guys, and I spend all day doing nothing but getting interrupted. Even when I come home, I haven’t really had any way to ensure that I’ll get a block of time all to myself. I can’t very well stop my boyfriend from using his own computer, watching his own TV, sleeping in his own bed, just because I need the room to myself.

Until now.

We have moved into, effectively, a studio with two offices.

The bed is in the living room. It looks absurdly tiny in this space that was not designed for this. Each of us gets a bedroom to ourselves, all full of our shelves and desks and clothes. I have a door. I have two desks, set up parallel to each other, so that I can just spin my chair around to switch between two projects. I have a squishy chair with a tea station and a reading lamp. I have a nice high-up perch with steps for my aging cat. She likes to jump down unexpectedly and leave little feet marks in my paintings.

Don’t worry, I don’t work with toxic paints while the cat’s in the room.

I’ve only had this space about three weeks, and I’ve already been able to settle in to more work than I’ve done in the last six months. I’ve been so worried that I’ve just been becoming a less creative person, that all my longing for a private space was just a smokescreen for not caring anymore. I’ve completely fixed up the beginning of a novella I’ve been stuck on for a year, and I’ve been getting excited to work on comic lettering again, and Step Two of character design for this comic I’ve been working on actually feels possible, finally.

Admittedly, nothing I’ve actually done since getting this place is A) visual or B) finished, but if things keep going like this, there will be, and I cannot wait.

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