And an art update

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In update news, I applied to this zine, which has the theme of space lesbians, which is too far up my alley to miss.

You might not have seen any of my space lesbians, but there are four (to be fair one of them is a space bisexual), and the only reason you haven’t seen them is because I keep fussing with their stories so much I haven’t had any success at all in actually finishing them.

It’s a personal flaw.

I applied for all three categories (artist, merch artist, and writer) because I multi-classed in Art and Writing and around here we go all in. If I get to design an enamel pin I might die. Bury me with my pin.

Here’s the stuff I added to my portfolio in hopes of getting their attention:

A young woman with an afro and a wound on her shoulder holds up a mining lamp, and looks over her shoulder at stylized black tendrils which are saying Lineart of an elephant skull The Listening Frame-Web-FullSize-Orange
A woman and her cat sit in a window seat looking out at the skyscrapers. A purple cow eating some bright red leaves in front of a big white circle. A silhouetted pine tree leans over a lake, partially overlapping a bright orange moon which is reflected in the lake.

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