Go ahead and just do what you’re good at, even if it’s not as cool as you wish it were

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Sorry for skipping… all of March. I have no excuses, only regrets, except for yesterday, which I skipped on purpose. April Fools is upsetting and I pretty much holed up in my room with no internet all day, just to be safe.

I played a lot of Far Cry 5. It is very enjoyable, although I did accidentally kill my hired gun a couple of times, because I’m an idiot.

Today we will be discussing playing to your strengths, because I am bad at it and it is making me grouchy.

Here’s a chart depicting how I am utterly failing right now:



Okay, me and me need to have a talk. As awesome as it sounds to paint huge, badass crystal dragons in front of sweeping landscapes using only depth and range of color to invoke in the viewer a feeling of insignificance and awe, you actually do not have the watercolor skills to pull this off.

You know what they’re going to look like if you try to paint what you’re imagining?

Unintelligible chaos. Or possibly mud. Because you don’t know what you’re doing.

These ideas are great but you need to build your skills first, and if you don’t want to be absolutely crushed by putting immense amounts of work into absolute garbage, you’re going to have to haul back your expectations, like, significantly.

So here’s a chart depicting what you are actually going to do if you want to succeed:


It will not be as cool as it is in your head.

It will still be cool, because crystal dragons are cool.


Dynamic line art is going to make this cool as hell.

Next post is 4/15, on how to develop background skills, and what to do until you have them!

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