Practice, Practice, Practice: Line Control

Skill Development

My digital art quest has been going… not great. My line control continues to be garbage and every picture looks like it’s been rolled back in time 12 years. It’s extremely discouraging, I tell you what.

In a fit of frustration, I googled “How to improve basic drawing skills”, even though I know the answer.

(It’s observational drawing. “Go look at the thing” is always the answer.)

But the thing is, I’m not having trouble drawing a thing–I’m having trouble with the mechanical action of drawing. Sure, looking at an apple and doing contour + value studies will help me improve, but surely, surely there’s a more direct way of practicing this.

And that’s when I found it.

The worst part of art class.

The part I remember just not doing because I was an ADHD child and couldn’t handle how boring it was.

Line control exercises 

Folks, this stuff sucks. You literally just draw the same patterns over and over and over, every day, until you get good.Exercises

Here’s my first try. As you can see, I can’t do squiggles, my scales are all different sizes, and my parallel lines will not stop converging.


Okay, I admit it, I was an ADHD child then and I’m an ADHD adult now, and I still can’t handle how boring this is. I haven’t actually done it again.

But when I get sick of sucking, I’m gonna suck it up and do it.

Over and over. Every day.

Until I get good.

Also, I moved! My new place is about the size of my old closet, but hey, I’ve always wanted to try minimalism.

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