Copic Palettes: skin!

Art Tools

This Thursday, at around 11am, it hit me that there is a Blick store not ten minutes away from work, and I have a car.

One lunchtime impulse purchase later, I am no longer limited to “bright pink, dull pink, or red-pink” palettes, and can do skin colors in ordinary light. Finally!

I’ll be honest, the reason this took me so long is because I’m kind of intimidated by skin. It’s really, really easy to mess up, especially faces; a color that blends badly on the corner of a dress can be covered up or ignored, but weird blending around the eyes? A patch of blush that bleeds out further than expected? Not to mention how many colors of skin there are? How do I get good highlight and shadow colors for that many variations?? I can’t afford that many markers!

Basically, you don’t. You grab five colors in reddish and/or yellowish in the E color family and jump in, because not doing it at all is worse than messing up.

I went with yellowish only, just because I’m really bad at coloring. It’s easier to find colors that look like they belong together when they’re all variations on one color.

E50, Egg Shell

E31, Brick Beige

E57, Light Walnut

E74, Cocoa Brown

E79, Cashew

V99, Aubergine

Aubergine is a purple, so it shades yellowish browns really well. Incidentally, it also makes a great bright-light black. I’ve been using it for hair.

I’ve only had this a few days, but it’s awesome so far. It’s very versatile–the only color I can’t do is sunburned. However, if you’re going to steal this palette? Swap out E74 for something else. E74 is so transparent and so close to E79 that, in a palette this limited, it doesn’t do enough.

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