Rose City Comics Haul Reviews: Sexy Monsters and Heart-Melting Ghosts

Comic Thoughts

“Coming up Sunday” lol, I am still extremely optimistic, aren’t I?

My only excuse is, I have a ~new boyfriend~, and I’m extremely wrapped up in that whole thing at the mo. He’s as bisexual as I am and it’s delightful. Side note, I had no idea that it mattered, but it really, really does? So, sorry to all of you for allowing my already-terrible scheduling skills to be wrecked. I’m getting better?

That said, I do have some things to say about my Small But Satisfying Rose City Comic Con (mostly) Indie Comics Haul, so to kick that off…


the sexy monster anthology

Frankly, I was considering buying this months ago, but I was turned off by the title. My Monster Boyfriend just… sounds dumb. I’m sorry.


I felt really uncomfortable buying erotica in public, so I wasn’t intending to buy anything from, you know, The Smut Peddler–it’s not subtle. But um. I got talked into it. I… allowed myself to get talked into it, actually. Because Noora Heikkilä’s got a piece in this. And, frankly? If I’d paid $30* for just that story, I’d have been happy.

But there were more.

As far as Noora Heikkilä goes, I was swimming in tears by the end, as expected. It was so unspeakably beautiful you guys, like, if I die any time soon, bury me with this book. Just this one. Except don’t, because I want to bequeath it to someone. Which would be… pretty awkward, at first, but they’ll get over it once they realize what kind of magic they have in their hands. This is everything I ever I wanted out of erotic monster stories.

And then there was one about liminal space and loneliness and magic and giant lizard boyfriends.

And one about a short-chubby-smiley girl going to her oozing shadow-monster’s home for the first time and everything is bright and crystal and sharp and the monster carries her so she doesn’t hurt herself and it’s so cute and domestic I almost died, and that was before the sexy part started. This is 100% in my top-five list of shadow-monster erotica, and I absolutely read this one as lesbian. Audience interpretation.

For sure, some of the monsters are more humans-with-bonus-features than uncomfortable-feelings-symbolically-embodied, but even if they don’t ping all my T_T MONSTERS T_T feelings, they’re still delightful, and hot enough that I don’t want to talk about it on a blog that my mom reads.



the sweet, gently morbid love story




As soon as I finished this book, I spent the next ten minutes or so just… hugging it. In my arms. And sighing a little. Any book that makes me feel warm and soft and a little bit teary-eyed, especially if there are dead boys, and they are in love with living boys, and they mask their feelings in friendly teasing about cute girls (without the slimy tang of misogyny), AND there’s just a teeny-tiny bit of extremely engaging plot holding the relationship together, gets a spot on my shelf.

Also, I spilled coffee on it and you 100% cannot tell. I appreciate that in a book.


*If $30 makes your eyes pop, check out the digital copy. It’s just as good and half the price.

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