Rose City Comic Con!

Comic Thoughts

Rose City Comic Con (Saturday edition) was super fun, but I am an absolute dork and didn’t charge my phone the night before, so I have no pictures. I’m so sorry! Instead, have the three four chance meetings that really made the day.

First, Nightmargin ❤ She made such a beautiful game and I only hope my being an absolute starstruck fool didn’t put her off too much, because all I wanted to do was give her some fanart, but I don’t know, is that weird? Seemed fine. She smiled and gave me a sticker and I also bought some pins, so, I’m going to go with “weird, but fine”.

Second, C. Spike Trotman of Iron Circus Comics. Who published Letters for Lucardo. Which I could not love more. Which I don’t get to fangirl over very often, because it’s an extremely sexy monster comic and the social circles where you can fangirl over sexy monster comics are, ah, uncommon. But that’s Trotman’s whole game, you know? So she didn’t mind and I had a good time and I bought another sexy monster comic and my GOD I love this publishing company. Quality monsters. Excellent stories. Very sexy.

Third, “The Mann” aka Sylvia Mann, artist of these absolutely bizarre snailcat stickers that I bought at a cat café like… three months ago. I have one on my computer! I have one on my art supply case! I bought a print and now I have one in my bathroom! I had no idea she was going to be here and it was so cool to meet her! I hope she knows how much I love these cats because I love these delightful slimy gross bodyhorror cats.

Fourth, some rando on the train. It’s not often that randos who talk to me on public transit aren’t A) unwelcome and B) creeps, but there I was, riding back to the park-and-ride with an armful of nerdy posters, when a guy standing an appropriate distance away casually asks if I was just at Comic Con, and muses about how he’s always thought about going but never did. I told him he should totally go. We chatted. He didn’t ask for my number. It was delightful.

Other than the massive headache I gave myself by neither eating nor drinking until like 2pm, it was a good time, and I got so many comics and so much art and quite a few enamel pins and I tell you, the “Copics 101” panel I attended changed the way I use markers forever. 

Coming up on Sunday, after I read + process them, I will be reviewing (mostly gushing over, if we’re honest) my comics haul. Prepare yourselves.

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